MEKHETE መኸተ is a Platform that serves you up-to-date news from Eritrea, Etihopia and The Horn of Africa. It is by Eritreans for Eritreans of the diaspora in Scandinavia primarily, and also worldwide. Now the Mekhete Platform provides the ideal forum for discussions, exchanging and sharing of ideas. All are welcome with contributions in english, tgringa and the Scandinavian languages. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp. There has long been a great desire and also a need for Eritreans of the diaspora to unite against a common enemy – mainstream media. 

We now live in a world where information is readily available, and there is plenty of it out there. It is relatively easy to get informed, but it is also very easy to be misinformed quite horrendously. Certain newsmongers have made it their primary business to constantly disseminate false information about Eritrea. Nothing is hidden in their agenda because they openly propagate to vilify and demonize Eritrea. For them it is indeed a very lucrative enterprise as their paymaster the TPLF Leadership-in-hiding is willing to pay handsomely for any service that would discredit and destabilize the States of Eritrea and Ethiopia. Journalism used to be a very noble and honorable profession. Today few journalists are honorable. Conscientious journalists strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. Professional integrity is vital to a journalist’s credibility.

A journalist’s job is to research, write, edit, proofread and file news stories, whether in the form of articles for magazines, journals and newspapers, or other media. But what is most important about journalism is ethics! Sadly though, that is what has been grossly lacking in the likes of Martin Plaut and quite a few other so-called journalists who take every opportunity to spread lies and fables about Eritrea. Mekhete መኸተ is here to expose the whole lot for what they are – mercenary journalists who professionally lie for money!