Popular efforts (Mekete) to refute and also go into counter attack all hate propaganda against Eritrea

Let all Eritreans be warned about the massive ongoing international smear campaign to taint the image of Eritrea. This is all orchestrated by the bandit TPLF Leadership in hiding. Those doing the dirty work behind the scenes are helping the TPLF to discredit Eritrea amidst the preparations for our forthcoming hard earned 30th Independence celebrations.

Those holier-than-thou advocates of misconception are diverting public opinion from facts about who the real architects of this whole tragedy are: who attacked the Federal Ethiopian Northern Command Post and stole all the heavy weaponry and artillery? Who unprovoked launched some fifty rockets into Eritrea? Who, when counter attacked by the Federal Ethiopian Army went into hiding in the Tigrayan towns and countryside amongst civilians using them as human shields? Who are currently wearing Eritrean uniforms and creating all sorts of atrocities and heinous crimes among the unsuspecting and innocent Tigrayan populace. Let us not be hypocrites; TPLF must be stopped, brought to justice and held answerable for their long chain of horrible deeds both inside and out of Tigray. 

It was quite laughable recently regarding the audacity, effrontery, and indeed the sheer hypocrisy of Martin Plaut in his piece called “the Eritrean propaganda machine”. Plaut took off by warning every author and journalist writing about Eritrea to be on their guard against the disinformation spread by the Eritrean regime. I find this particularly hilarious taking into account that Plaut and his partner in crime, De Waal, have built up a notoriety for their very proficient ability to constantly disseminate misinformation and hate propaganda against the state and people of Eritrea. It has long been a globally known open secret that both Plaut and De Waal have remained in the payroll of the TPLF ever since the Weyane were in the driving seat of Ethiopian governance in return for dollars.

Whether out of remorse or as an honor among thieves, De Waal for his own part made an internationally observed owning up as a mercenary lobbyist and promoter of TPLF propaganda. 

Plaut on the other hand, in alliance with Eritrea Hub has of late intensified his efforts in organizing hate campaigns and fake news against Eritrea under President Afwerki and Ethiopia under Prime minister Abiy. Even though the TPLF Leadership has gone into hiding from justice, Plaut and Eritrea Hub are only too happy to help TPLF in the war of words and shifting of blame against their two sworn enemies – but of course at the price of a bulging dollar budget. Plaut is always very careful to secure the dollar aspect of things first and foremost; but after all that is what all mercenaries do. Plaut never hesitates or harbors any moral ethics about going to bed with his bandit clientele like the TPLF but they have to part with the dollars first – elementary philosophy.

Now to the gist of this article.  Since the adoption of lockdown at the apex of the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemi the flow of articles posted by Eritrean intellectual s and patriotic Eritreans in the diaspora for publication in TesfaNews and other media has steadily dwindled and finally ceased altogether. Another important factor contributing immensely to the lack of any meaningful efforts to challenge Plaut and the likes of him is that most of the contributors of articles and in-depth analyses were taking a very well-earned rest once the unfair and shameful UN-imposed sanctions on Eritrea had been lifted, coupled with hope that peaceful co-existence in unity with Ethiopia in a stable and thriving Horn of Africa was a dream finally coming true.

The goal for lasting peace was after all being achieved so everyone was busy gearing their efforts more towards re-building Ethiopia and Eritrea again. Before that juncture our main commitment was to continuously slam the despicable and unjust UN sanctions against Eritrea. We also did our best to show the world how the bias mainstream media was singing the praises of the-then bullying and thuggish TPLF-led Ethiopia while taking every opportunity to vilify and victimize their favorite scapegoat: Eritrea. Several patriots used to be keen contributors to news outlets willing to publish pro-Eritrea articles.

It was our God-given right to comment and analyze the prevailing wave of intensive aggression, fake news, false accusations and disinformation directed at Eritrea. Even then, Martin Plaut was right there at the forefront mongering lies and deceit. It probably has never dawned on Martin Plaut that journalism is a noble and honorable profession promoting impartiality and objectivity. My belief is that Plaut does know but is just a bad boy more inclined to more unscrupulous methods of making big bucks, no matter how immorally despicable. 

When the brotherly people of Ethiopia finally under the visionary Leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ousted the tyrant TPLF and embraced Eritrea unconditionally and the UN sanctions were removed, everyone relaxed in the ensuing euphoria and believed all the problems were over. Some diaspora Eritreans even believed that the few friendly media outlets which had played a great role as a beacon of hope and a binding element had now outlived their usefulness. The two brotherly peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea had already buried any hatchet that TPLF and their division-inclined henchmen had firmly put in place.

The general mood in both Ethiopia and Eritrea was one of optimism and a strong yearning for amicable ties built on aspirations for mutual respect, peace, progress and stability. The two leaders were working on ways to strengthen the bond of union and that crave was trickling down to the two grassroots. TPLF was not in the least bemused by the turn of events; and while digesting the shame of no longer being the ones calling the shots they were concocting strategies to wreak havoc and in the ensuing chaos propel themselves back to power. What they have succeeded in doing is to once again be the thorn in the flesh and place themselves effectively as the stumbling block to regional peace and stability; holding to ransom the unity, peace, progress and stability that the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea almost achieved.

The TPLF Leadership while in power were busy looting and stashing way billions of dollars in anticipation of a rainy day. That day has come, and it is raining heavily. From hiding, the rogues are splashing their dollars left, right and center on what they excel best in: buying lobbyists in the corridors of power in Washington, Brussels and London; and financing very expensive but very effective smear campaigns, discrediting and vilifying their number one arch enemy: Eritrea. There is no shortage of pathological professional liars to do the dirty job for them. So as long as the dollars keep flowing, they have a great ally in the like of Martin Plaut and Eritrea Hub. Plaut in particular is hell-bent on leashing a crusade of demonization of Eritrea. For that matter, if any patriotic diaspora Eritreans were naively sleeping thinking all is well, the rude awakening is that there is a very bitter war of false propaganda being waged and Eritrea is getting a severe battering. Rise up and join Mekhete to expose and thwart it! We must expose the shady financial arrangements between the TPLF and all these mercenary so-called journalists like Martin Plaut. Their dubious financial dealings must be subjected to intense microscopic scrutiny and that is exactly what the Mekhete platform vows to do.