Graduates Registration 2021 Sweden

መጽሔት ትውፊት ቁ. 3/2021

መጽሔት ትውፊት ቁ. 3 2021 ትውፊት-ቁ.-3-2021Download

ሕውየት፡ ቁ.14 1998 – ዘተ ምስ ፕረዚደንት

ሕውየት፡ ቁ.14 1998 – ዘተ ምስ ፕረዚደንት…

The March of Folly

‘The March of Folly” Re-enacted; A Personal View – Alemseged Tesfai- Eritrean Studies Review 1999 Vol 3, No.2.

Eritrean festival Stockholm July 25 2019 Day one

Message of congratulation

Asmara, 22 May 2019- President Sergio Mattarella of the Republic of Italy sent message of congratulation to the people and Government of Eritrea in connection with the 28th Independence Day…

Eritrean delegation met and held talks with Sudanese DFC

Asmara- 21 May 2019- The Eritrean senior delegation composed of Mr. Osman Saleh, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Presidential Adviser Mr. Yemane Gebreab met and held talks on 20 May…

Eritreans in Diaspora celebrate Independence Day anniversary

Asmara, 21 May 2019- Eritrean nationals in the UK, Italy, Canada and Australia have celebrated the 28th Independence Day anniversary with patriotic zeal under the theme “Resilience for Higher Progress”.…